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I'd just like to thank you so very much for helping me with my citation. Peace of mind is important to me and you helped me attain that. I will be sure to recommend your awesome services with those in my circle who may ever need it.
- Mercedes S.

Anna, Thank you for taking care of my ticket. I know it is not your usual speeding ticket. When being cited for excess of 120mph by a plane, I was lucky that they let me go with just a ticket. Your service has allowed me to retain my license and kept my insurance from rising exponentially. I would be in a very uncomfortable position had I not utilized your service. Thank you thank you thank you. Anyone I know that gets a ticket will be calling you. Best regards, Automotive Media Services
- AJ B.

I'd like to give them a big thanks for saving me a huge fine and 30 day license suspension, Worth every penny!! Anna, got me out of a 96mph in a 65mph, I love them and so does my wallet.
- Jordan S.

I want to thank Anna for the amazing work she does, she got my speeding ticket dismissed even after I had forgotten about it for almost a year. She got the ticket dismissed and no point on my driving record. Thank you, you are amazing.
- Steve G.

I got a ticket for reckless driving without insurance and making an illegal U-turn, I thought I was going to lose my license. My boyfriend told me to contact Anna and she will take care of it, I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, but she did just that, she took care of it. I have my license, the ticket was dismissed, no point on my record and didn't have to do traffic school. Thank you so much, I don't know what I would do without you.
- Amanda L.


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Save Money
Our service fee is normally LOWER than your traffic fine(s).

Remove Points
Once your ticket is dismissed, it will eliminate points affecting your Drivers License.

Save on Insurance
You will save money on insurance increases once your tickets are dismissed.

Save Time
We save you time and handle the entire process for you from A-Z. There is no need for you to attend in court, take time off work or attend traffic school once your ticket is dismissed.


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